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Support groups (all times PST)


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Seattle-specific providers

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Voice therapy

One-on-one ($$)

Group ($)

Other (free)

Legal name or gender changes


Financial support

  • Trans Lifeline Name Change Microgrant: Covers the full cost of local court & document fees. Apps are open the 1st thru the 14th of every month. 75% of microgrants are reserved for BIPOC.

Trans tattoos

Trans hair, nails, & skincare

Barbers, hair stylists, & colorists

Nail technicians


Hair removal

Trans healers

  • Al Rostholder-Harris (ze/zer) at the Massage Sanctuary

  • Alice Arden (he/him): Full spectrum doula and parent educator

  • Ana Norell at Anew Reiki

  • B Stepp (they/them) at Have Heart Somatics facilitates embodied somatics & liberation practice groups

  • CJ Risman (they/them): Therapist during the academic year only; trip-sitting, psychedelic preparation/integration work offered year-round

  • Have Heart Healing & Wellness: Embodied trauma healing, eating disorder recovery, and queer affirming therapy

  • Jin Moon (they/them): Queer & trans birth and postpartum doula, herbalist

  • Ken McGee (he/they) at B3 Physical Therapy: PT for gender affirmation & gestation

  • Lil (they/them) at Wild Heart Healing: Intuitive massage therapy, energy work, cupping & craniosacral therapy

  • Lucie Fielding (she/they): Queer, non-binary trans femme therapist

  • Luigi Continenza (they/them) at Elemental Roots: General bodywork, gender support sessions, & gender-affirming bodywork (including top surgery scar treatments)

  • Lyra Earthbound (she/her): Massage therapist at The Massage Sanctuary on Capitol Hill

  • Mariah Bloom (they/them): Postpartum doula

  • mirrorlikemagic: Grey (they/them) is a queer, trans, disabled artist and community witch. They lead workshops, make tinctures, herbal medicine, & a yearly astrology planner, & sell screenprints.

  • Oran (they/them) offers virtual spiritual companionship to tgnc and queer people

  • Reed Stine (he/him) at Compass Acupuncture, offering multiple services, including top surgery scar treatment

  • Sunnie Townsend (they/them) at Queer Care Connections: Trauma specialist & intimacy consultant

  • Taylor Briggs (he/him) at Raven Bodywork

  • Zee Parker (they/them) at Kismet Healing Arts: Queer, nonbinary massage therapist and yoga teacher in Shoreline

Trans pet care

Trans writers

Trans visual artists

  • Ashton Peter (he/they): Digital art, commissions, stickers, queer media

  • Avi Autonomous (they/them): Fiber arts and poetry

  • Birch Rostholder-Harris: Queer and trans fiber artist and creator of unusual crochet creatures

  • Eboni Wyatt (they/them): Visual artist, film photographer, and zine maker

  • Iris Lux (she/they): Film photographer of strangers, friends, consensual street portraits, & queer joy

  • Lee Catarin (he/ze): Leather, paper, and yarn crafts

  • Lurn Maxwell (they/them): Makes comics, stickers, drawings and prints

  • Moonflowers Photography (they/them): Photographer of events/families/couples/kids etc.

  • Orange Blossom: Wearables, watercolor drawings, & intuitive wall art to inspire your home

  • A Queer Photog: Portrait & family photography by Holly (they/them)

  • Rhecycled: Alterations and custom creations by Rheanna Pless (they/she)

  • Sevenish Magpies: Hardwood pins, jewelry, and delightful shinies made by Wing Mui (she/they)

  • Smell My Leather: Body harnesses, collars, cuffs, pup hoods, plant hangers, & small leather accessories by Noah Sanemitsu (they/them)

  • Stevie Linn Springs (he/him): Transsexual crip multidisciplinary artist, writer, & sick fuck

  • Tearyqueer: Jay (he/they/it/star) makes & sells prints, stickers, pronoun pins, jewelry, & more

  • Tormented Artifacts: Deranged artwork, custom leatherworks, steampunk obscura, handmade creations, & more by Dee Arbacauskas (she/her)

  • Trinket Sorcerer: Upcycled stuffed animal backpacks, clothing, and textile art by Chris Rogers (he/they)

  • We Are Pansies: Art collective featuring leather gear and queer erotic art

Other trans businesses

  • Chris Hooten Consulting: Chris (they/them) helps leaders and change-makers meet the needs of their diverse teams, emphasizing trans, neurodivergent, and BIPOC inclusion.

  • Heavy Duty Vintage: Vintage & second-hand treasures for fats & queers

  • Outsider Comics: Queer and trans owned comics shop in Fremont

  • Pipsqueak Seattle: Radical, sober, all-ages gallery & event space

  • The Plant Sitters: Plant sitting biz, curating, repotting, plant doctoring. Private, commercial, & office buildings in Seattle

  • Phoenix Comics & Games: Queer and trans owned/operated comics shop in Capitol Hill

  • Seattle Q House: Trans-owned remodeling & construction company

  • Seattle Rope Salon: Trans-owned, welcoming space for bondage instruction and collaboration in Seattle

  • Smash the Box: Multidisciplinary community driven urban planning & design firm + Artists

  • Spencer Bergstedt: Trans man, personal coach & motivational speaker

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