Seattle Trans List

A simple list of local resources for trans & nonbinary folks

Provided by Stevie Linn, Gender Doula

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Community Events



Support Groups



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Provider Directories

Financial Resources

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Voice Therapy

One-on-one ($$)

Group ($)

Other (free)

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Changing Your Name or Gender Marker


Financial Support

  • Diversity Alliance of the Puget Sound (DAPS) Microgrant Program: $250 for any transition-related expense. Voting happens on the last Saturday of every month. Priority is given to BIPOC, people experiencing houselessness, disabled people, and those in or trying to escape abusive situations. [CURRENTLY PAUSED]

  • Trans Lifeline Microgrants: Covers the cost to legally change your name or gender marker. Applications are open the 1st through the 14th of every month. 75% of microgrants are reserved for BIPOC.

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Trans Tattoo Artists & Studios

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Trans Salons & Service Providers

Barbers, Hair Stylists, & Colorists

Nail Technicians


Hair Removal

Trans Bodyworkers

Trans Pet Care

Trans Creators


Visual Artists

  • Ashton Peter (he/they): Digital art, commissions, stickers, queer media

  • Avi Autonomous (they/them): Fiber arts and poetry

  • Birch Rostholder-Harris: Queer and trans fiber artist and creator of unusual crochet creatures

  • Lee Catarin (he/ze): Leather, paper, and yarn crafts

  • Lurn Maxwell (they/them): Makes comics, stickers, drawings and prints

  • Resin Daddy: Resin decor, wearable art, & BDSM gear by Beyana Magoon (they/them)

  • Sevenish Magpies: Hardwood pins, jewelry, and delightful shinies made by Wing Mui (she/they)

  • Smell My Leather: Leatherworker making body harnesses, collars, cuffs, pup hoods, plant hangers, and small leather accessories by Noah Sanemitsu (they/them)

  • Stevie Linn (he/him): Multi-disciplinary artist & writer with a collage obsession

  • Tearyqueer: Jay (he/they/it/star) makes colorful artwork to express himself often having trans/queer & autistic themes. They sell prints, stickers, pronoun pins, jewelry and more

  • Tormented Artifacts: Deranged artwork, custom leatherworks, steampunk obscura, leather masks, handmade creations, and other imaginings by Dee Arbacauskas (she/her)

  • Trinket Sorcerer: Upcycled stuffed animal backpacks, clothing, and textile art by Chris Rogers (he/they)

  • We Are Pansies: Queer trans owned and operated art collective featuring leather gear and queer erotic art for us by us.

Other Trans Businesses

  • Outsider Comics: Queer and trans owned comics shop in Fremont

  • The Plant Sitters: Plant sitting biz (take care of your babies while you're away), curating, repotting, plant doctoring. Covering private, commercial and office buildings in Seattle.

  • Phoenix Comics & Games: Queer and trans owned/operated comics shop in Capitol Hill

  • Rhecycled: Alterations and custom creations by Rheanna Pless (they/she)

  • Seattle Q House: Trans-owned remodeling & construction company

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